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Inventory Report

Cosmo Inventory offer a comprehensive range of rental services to Estate Agents, Landlordsand Tenants in London. The team of our professionals and most experienced property inventory in london mentors assists you throughout the process and provides a detailed report in the end.

Estate Agents

We are the fastest growing property inventory company providing essential services to Estate Agents all over London offering inventory reports, mid-term, check-in and check-outs and more.

As an estate agent, you require fast service report, and that is what we promise to deliver.

If you are short of staff or short of time, we are ready to help. Our hard working team work from 7am till midnight, 7 days a week to help out estate agents.


If you want to rent out your property, we will check every corner of it. An inventory report is a complete record of the cleanliness fixtures, fittings and décor of your Property Inventory In London etc will be noted by the help of quality photographs with date & time stamp.


If you want to rent a property then you do not have to worry about the extra charges that landlords usually try to place on tenants at the time of check-out. We will give you detailed property inventory report signed by the landlord along with at the time of check-in and you would not have to deal with any type of stress when it times to check out. Our team will do the inspection and validate the property inventory in London as mentioned in the inventory report thus if you pass the inspection, your deposit will be returned hastily.