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Check Out Report

Property Check Out Report

A property check-out report takes place at arguably the most important point in your tenancy – when your tenants move out. The check-out compares the condition at the end of the tenancy to that on the inventory and check-in reports.

At the end of a tenancy we compare the state of the property to the original inventory. We list all the changes from the original inventory, this is the most important part of the tenancy, the outcome will guide the Landlord or Estate Agent as to what must be paid for any damages or dilapidations. It will also point out wear and tear issues and damages.

Each room in the report will have an overview, photographs and a detailed description of any changes that have occurred in the property. We will assign liability for these changes to either tenants or the landlord (maintenance) or to fair wear and tear.

The report also notes final meter readings, and compares keys returned to keys provided at the start of the tenancy.
If there are dispute issues between the landlord and the tenant, a professional, impartial inventory, check-in and check-out report will help to resolve this.

Coverage area:
Edgware – Stanmore – Harrow – Wembley – Brent Park – Brentford – Barnet – Alperton – Harlesden – Willesden – North London – North West London – North East London – East London – West London – Central London