Legionella Risk Assessment – Cosmo Inventory

Legionella Risk Assessment – Cosmo Inventory

legionella risk assessment in londonRisk analyses and management for potential diseases is now an important part of the property inventory which is why an essential duty is Legionella risk assessment for landlords as it is by far the most common disease.

What Is Legionella Disease?

Legionella is flu like disease which also gives the symptoms of intense form of pneumonia. This disease is spread from a bacterium ‘Legionella’ that grows in water tankers, drainage systems, decorative water like fountains, hot tubs, and swimming pools. The bacterium transfers in a human being through the droplets of contaminated water and otherwise this disease is not contagious and does not pass on from person to person. However, if left untreated the bacterium can cause severe infections in the respiratory tract and can be fatal so the Legionella Risk Assessment is now necessary for the landlords and property holders.

Reports have shown that Legionella is infecting 10,000 to 18,000 people each year in the United States therefore the cosmo inventory risk management team decided to give you an opportunity to make your property risk free by getting the services of Legionella Risk Assessments In London.

Legionella Risk Assessments for Landlords

A property that has sound security measures gives good prices to the landlords and sellers. If you want to rent out your place or you want to sell a house then it is better to carry out Legionella risk assessment. You can also consult to the local health and safety departments but with us you will have a golden chance to attract tenants, as well, on the grounds that our Legionella risk management team will make an analyses report that will be shown to the tenants or buyers at the time of inventory and this will help you charge a handsome amount for your property. Adding on, our team will also pay mid-term visits to check the level of Legionella risk and will brief you details like the time needed to plan the next disinfectant process and to what extent your water system is safe, etc. you can also contact us in case of an emergency like whenever you feel that your drainage system or pipelines are probably developing the Legionella virus. We are proud to announce that we always take care of our clients and give their needs a priority so we have different packages available in order to provide Legionella risk assessment for landlords.

Cosmo Inventory Legionella Risk Assessment Process

Our risk management department sends a team of professionals that have an expertise in locating the Legionella in water systems. The team carry out proper inspection and make the final report including all the details like whether the property is safe from the bacterium or not. If the property does not have any risk then our team will grade your property as safe but in case the water systems indicate signs of bacterium then we will arrange the measures to disinfect your water and sewage system properly. The key steps of our Legionella risk assessment and prevention are;

  • In case of Legionella growth in water tankers or drainage pipes, good quality disinfectants are used to purify the contaminated water and we make sure that process gives you long term results
  • The team of experts select the type and quantity of disinfectant so that there would not be any chance of developing new diseases
  • pH level of water is also being checked and maintained by our team for the reason that disinfectants do not work properly in very high or low temperatures
  • We also pay additional visits to ensure safety of our clients and their property

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