Check-in Report – Cosmo Inventory

Check-in Report – Cosmo Inventory

Before commencing any deal over property, it is highly recommended to file a check-in inventory report.

What Is a Check-in Report?

Check-in report includes all the details about the property that is about to be rented out. This report helps the landlords to save their property form any type of damages while aids the tenants to get back their deposit without deductions if they have not caused destruction to the property. Landlords can make a manual document but a professional check in report made by inventory clerk is more desirable to avoid the risk of disputes.

Inventory Clerks at the Cosmo Inventory

We have a team of hardworking, skillful, and qualified inventory clerks in London. Our team ensures the best services and helps you to solve all the issues related to your property. We do not only provide just a mere report but also offers additional benefits like check over tenants, mid-term property visits with notifications, emergency helpline services and much more. We want you to live a quarrel free life so let our inventory clerk works for you and enjoy the golden opportunity of hiring a personal inventory consultant.

Check-in Report Process

Note that the progress of our team is incomparable which is why we are considered as the company that has matchless inventory clerks in London. We are summing up the details of inventory report process here for your ease.

  • If you want to rent out your place just come to us and provide the details of your property along with your requirements of tenants
  • Our team will visit your property to take evidences for the making of check-in inventory report. Quality photographs and videos will be filmed to keep the record of every single detail and an inventory will be produced as per these details
  • The final check-in report will be shown to you, and after the selection of tenant, signatures will be taken by tenants and landlords on the date of move-in.
  • Our inventory clerk will also pay a visit once or twice (depends on the duration of tenancy) to check if the property is safe or not. Tenants will be warned in case of being inattentive
  • At the end of tenancy, our inventory clerk will validate the details and look for the damages

At the time of check-out both the parties have to agree with inventory clerk decision which will be objective and in the best of clients interest.

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